Ribbon Braid Tape Remnants

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End of roll ribbon and braid remnants, total 12.84mt includes:

  • Red/White Polka Dot Ribbon (W)25mm x (L)1.61mt
  • Black/White Polka Dot Ribbon (W)25mm x (L)57.5cm
  • Pink Swirl Ribbon (W)38mm x (L)41.5cm
  • Cream Glitter Swirl Ribbon (W)38mm x (L)36.5cm
  • Gold Glitter Swirl Ribbon (W)38mm x (L)88cm
  • Red Picot Double Satin Ribbon (W)9mm x (L)39.5cm
  • Blue Grosgrain Ribbon (W)13mm (L)3mt
  • Peach Double Satin Ribbon (W)12mm x (L)3mt
  • Moutarde Webbing (W)38mm x (L)74cm
  • Red 8 loop Braid (W)12mm x (L)1.54mts
  • Butterfly Lace Trim (W)23mm x (L)32cm (12 individual butterflies)