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Craft Business Strategy Call

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Remember to download your Strategy Call Questionaire

One on One Strategy Call

Book a strategy call with me to review your craft business so you can get clarity on what you're doing right in your business and where you need to focus more energy. 

Together we can discuss where you want to take your business and the steps you can put in place to achieve them. It's time to stop winging it and flick the switch in your business strategy.

This call will be fully customised to your business, you tell me what you want to discuss and the call will be customised to you and your needs. We can review your sales platforms, your social media or your sales events. We can review the systems you have in place and should put in place to make your craft business work smoothly and more successful.

The strategy call is specifically tailored to your business. I don't have a cookie cutter approach because each business owner has different needs and vision for their business. I want to make your vision come true.

We can discuss how your business can scale and improve your profits to bring you closer to your craft business dream.

  1. The call is typically 40 minutes.
  2. I prefer to use Zoom so that I can share my screen while I delve into your online business allowing you to see exactly what I'm speaking about. If Zoom is not acceptable to you I'm happy to carry out the call via a normal phone call.

Once you purchase your strategy call you will receive an email questionnaire from me so that I can do some research before our call. I want to make sure you get the most of your time with me.

At the end of the call you will receive a video copy for you to watch back again and again. Having this video record will save you having to take notes and be an excellent resource for your business going forward.