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Video Marketing with Apple Keynote

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Next available date 27th June 2022

NEXT AVAILABLE TRAINING: Week beginning 27th June 2022

 This special offer will not be repeated. Don't miss out! £14.00

5 DAY TRAINING, learning the secrets of how to   Market your Small Business with Video 

Learn how to use Apple Keynote™  to create marketing video's that convert.

How often have you seen great marketing videos and wished you could create something similar for your small business? I bet you assumed you'd have to pay a videographer to do it for you. Well with Apple Keynotes you can create great marketing videos that capture your audience attention and convert them into paying customers. 

It's no secret that video creates engagement and converts those viewers to sales. It's not just that video is a useful tool to showcase your products or service to potential customers it also enables you to condense your information into bite size chunks allowing you to educate your potential customers about the key areas of your business that you want to draw their attention. 

Video can be shared onto social media, sales platforms and even in your email marketing. In today's digital world where we're all bombarded with information you want to stand out from the crowd and video is a great way to do that. 

The techniques I'll be sharing with you will help you create stunning marketing videos to showcase your business and your products. Once you know how easy it is you'll never look at marketing in quite the same way again.

Over 5 Days you will learn...

Day 1... How to draw, use images and edit them.

Day 2... How to remove the background of your photos.

Day 3... How to create slick marketing ad copy.

Day 4... Simple animation which can be applied to your video for special effect.

Day 5... Review and fine tune your newly created videos.


What we'll cover:

  • Keynote Basics
  • The power of text.
  • Background remover.
  • Basic animation
  • Marketing strategy
  • Ad copy
  • Product imagery
  • Target audience



  • Apple Keynote for Mac or Windows
  • 1-2 hours per day